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Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in the workplace describes the state of occupational fitness, well-being and protection within the work environment. It presents procedures and regulations which are envisioned to prevent the occurrence of accident or injury, and also states relevant emergency action or response plans designed in accordance with legislative requirements for the safety of the workers.

It ensures that, within the workplace, these safety rules are implemented for all stakeholders especially visitors and passersby and safety practices imbibed by the employees in the conduct of their operations as they impact on the environment.

Moyo Konsult Limited is committed to the promotion of health, safety and environmental stewardship through effective HSE training; tailored directly to your organizations’ needs for occupational safety and environmental management practices. It provides services and leadership in the areas of environmental monitoring and assessment, environmental impact assessment and audits, as well as oil spill remediation

The Training Program on Health Safety and Environment includes the following:

  • -- Health Safety and Fire Training Facilities Auditing and Risk Assessment
  • -- Emergency Action Plan and Incidence Response Plan
  • -- Root cause and incident investigation
  • -- Permit to Work Systems
  • -- Handling Storage and Transportation of Hazardous Materials
  • -- EIA, ESHIA, EES
  • -- Environmental Auditing
  • -- Oil Pollution Control and Environmental Protection
  • -- Environmental Toxicology and Toxicity Management