Moyo Konsult Limited

Adding Value To Service Delivery...

Why Choose Us

We lay great emphasis on performance as a benchmark.

  • We assess your needs
  • We audit your needs
  • We advise on your needs
  • We proffer a solution to the needs
  • We bring about the desired energy solution


Our Mission

  • Our credentials focus on the ‘seeing is believing’ attitude that we bring to bear on our programs and activities. In order to run sensible programs and proceed with reasonable activities, we have open courses and programs from which clients and potential clients can work with us in order to be tailored to their specific needs.
  • We lay great emphasis on performance as a benchmark and thus, we adhere to global best practices.
  • We appreciate the sensitivity of what we do and what we proclaim. This explains why we have positioned world-class, industry-level, professionally qualified faculties for all our programs and activities.