Moyo Konsult Limited

Adding Value To Service Delivery...

About Us

Moyo Konsult Limited is an integrated firm that responds to Environmental Management, Renewable Energy and Human Resources Operations.

We help other people to excel by taking them from where they are to where they ought to be. Performance is the benchmark that moves an industry forward. Without performance, guidelines will be misinterpreted, and the result will be a low productivity.

Moyo Konsult Limited is a specialized firm that is focused on Innovative Environmental solutions using various environmentally friendly strategies, including renewable energy.

The following are features of our programs:

  • Health Safety and Fire training, facilities auditing and Risk Assessment.
  • Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment, and Environmental Auditing, Oil Pollution Control, Protection & Environmental Management, Toxicology and Toxicity Management for sustainable Development.
  • Solar Energy Course for Technicians and Engineers.
  • Maintenance Management & Maintenance Supervision for Engineering, Technical Personnel, and Facility Officers.
  • Energy Audit for Engineering and Administration Personnel.
  • Technical Report Writing and Time Management Course (Lean Sigma aided techniques) for Technical Officers, Supervisors / Managers and Company Executives etc.
  • Orientation Courses for new hires (on boarding), and New Supervisors Assimilation Programs.
  • Customer Relations courses for Company image makers & Clientele based services (Mainly for Public Relations / Receptionists, Secretaries, Service Personnel, etc)